Development of
oil and gas fields
  • Calculation of economic efficiency indicators
  • Calculation of macroeconomic indicators and calculation of net hydrocarbon prices
  • Calculation of the system of taxes and payments
  • Estimation of capital, current, operating and non-sales expenses
  • Calculation of technical and economic indicators of development options
  • Sensitivity analysis
Calculation of the economics of field development
  • Technological development schemes
  • Technological development projects
  • Projects of trial oil and gas production
Creation of projects for oil and gas development
Design of drilling of production and injection wells
  • Calculation of well designs and drilling operations
  • Selection of methods of opening and development of productive layers
  • Selection of geophysical and geological and technological operations in the process of well construction
  • Analysis of the actual operating modes of producing wells
Field Development Forecasting
  • Analysis of the current state of development
  • Design of enhanced oil recovery methods
  • Comparison of actual and design indicators of development
  • Additional exploration and research program
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