• List of projects by category
  • Create individual projects and tasks
  • Many parameters for projects and tasks (cost, contract number, deadlines, etc.)
  • List of companies, including contacts and a list of projects
  • Intuitive administration panel
  • Planning calendar
  • Employee time tracking
  • Wake on lan
CRM for the activities of a geological organization
  • Download data of all popular formats
  • Creating a structural model
  • Creating a fault model
  • Mathematical and logical operations
  • Interpolation by multiple methods
  • Well Data Correlation
  • Сalculation of oil and gas reserves
  • Automatic сalculation of oil and gas reserves for quick analysis
  • Uploading ready-made graphic applications
2D and 3D geological modeling
Automatic digitizing
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual digitizing of maps
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual digitizing of logs
Geological database
  • Displaying reservoirs and license areas on the map
  • Loading and displaying geological models, including aggregated by region
  • Loading and systematization of any data on a license area or field
  • Analysis of the region of work based on the downloaded data
  • Creation of a correlation scheme based on loaded wells
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