• Volumetric method of calculating reserves
  • Probabilistic reserve estimation
  • Calculation of reserves by the method of material balances
  • Calculation of reserves by pressure drop
  • Other methods for calculating reserves
Calculation of reserves by various methods
Creation of reports, graphical and tabular applications according to the requirements of the customer and government agencies
  • Creation of a consolidated geological and geophysical intersection
  • Creation of well graphical application and correlation schemes
  • Creating plans of calculation reserves/
  • Creation of geological intersections
  • Creation of a justification scheme for the oil-water/gas-oil/gas-water contacts
  • Building seismic graphics applications
Creation of reports on the calculation of reserves
  • Analysis of stratigraphy and tectonics of the research area
  • Analysis of geological and geophysical knowledge
  • Field development analysis
  • Seismic data analysis for calculating reserves
  • Well logging data analysis
  • Analysis of oil and gas potential
  • Arguments of the calculation parameters
  • Reserve calculation
  • Analysis of the quality and efficiency of geological exploration
Calculation of oil
and gas reserves
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