Geological support for oil and gas companies
our activities
Geological software
2D and 3D geological modeling, Geological database, Automatic digitizing, CRM for the activities of a geological organization
Development of geological software
2D and 3D geological modeling, Monitoring geological models, Creation of filtration models, Adaptation of development history, Digitizing of maps
Geological and hydrodynamic modeling
Calculation of reserves by various methods, Creation of reports on the calculation of reserves, Creation of reports, graphical and tabular applications according to the requirements of the customer and government agencies
Calculation of oil and gas reserves
Complex interpretation of well logging data, Core material analysis, Arguments of petrophysical dependencies and calculation parameters, Digitizing of logs
Well logging interpretation
Creation of projects for oil and gas development, Field Development Forecasting, Design of drilling of production and injection wells, Calculation of the economics of field development
Development of oil and gas fields
2D and 3D seismic data processing, Interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data, Complex interpretation of geological and geophysical data (Seismic, electrical, gravity and magnetic exploration), Supervising of 2D and 3D seismic
Collection and analysis of information on the area of work, Geological modeling of reservoirs for CO2 placement, Hydrodynamic modeling of reservoirs with CO2 placement, Assessment of the suitability of a reservoir for placement in CO2 reservoirs
CO2 injection
Other projects
Terrapod today
Since 2019, we have been successfully helping oil and gas companies maintain their operations, develop and increase production.
For our work, we use the most modern and latest tools. We also create specialized software to improve results and work speed.
Using modern techniques
We offer support for the process of prospecting, exploration and development of deposits. We cover all stages of work - from field work to the preparation of project documentation. We also provide the opportunity to monitor and refine the reservoir geological and filtration models.
Comprehensive support
regular customer
of successfully completed projects
of work
Our specialists have experience in many regions and with different geological conditions. Also, our company has a large database of deposits of various types.
Large area of work
We employ the most qualified specialists with extensive experience in working with various fields. Moreover, some specialists have scientific degrees.
Extensive experience of specialists
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